Customs-clearance and customs logistics

Customs-clearance is a process of formalities in connection with movement of cargo (goods) and transportation vehicles across the country border. Fulfillment or non-fulfillment of these formalities is a legal act and, accordingly, entails certain consequences and liabilities.

Besides, the very process of customs-clearance may include up to several tens of different operations, therefore is quite laborious and demands creation of internal structures in the company responsible for arrangement of the customs-clearance even for consignments of comparatively light volume, but complicated commodity, not to mention the enterprises which activity is related to regular movement of goods through the border. At the same time setup of such structures is not always allowable and reasonable from economic point of view.

Due to these and other reasons, the institution of customs-brokers arose and is working actively not only in Russia with her quite complicated and tangled legislation, but practically in all countries of the world, as this sphere requires comprehensive knowledge both in the customs law and neighboring fields associated with state regulations.

The customs-broker insures his civil liability and affirms it by a significant security deposit at customs.

But the severest penalty and effective anti-incentive for the broker in case of mistake — loss of professional reputation and, as a consequence, loss of the customers. A possibility that he consciously or by negligence violates the rules of customs-clearance is incomparably low.

We perform customs-clearance since 1998 and suggest you to assign this to us.

Why do you need to bear risks of customs law violation, particularly when it happens due to carelessness of employees or underestimation of consequences? Why to divert considerable resources to labor-intensive and monotonic field operations? We can do it faster and more efficiently. We are ready to share our experience and success with you, to assist in resolution of hard situations with lowest costs.

The staff of our company includes specialists in various fields including technicians of oil and gas and other complicated industrial spheres who will help to determine the most effective strategy of customs-clearance for your goods and, not breaking any laws, to escape additional costs of time and means.

We have qualified lawyers who will protect your interests in case of ungrounded and biased claims of a customs authority. Our customs specialists have gone through the mill of shaping of customs system in Russia.

The customs logistics includes interaction with the infrastructure functioning around the border checkpoint or internal customs authority: ports and airports, stevedoring and surveying companies, temporary storage warehouses and bonded warehouses, cargo and shipping agents, border guards, quarantine inspection, certification bodies etc. In case of self-reliant management of the process, a customer has to work separately with each of the mentioned components. In case of management through a customs-broker, you receive one point of contact and responsibility for resolution of all issues. We undertake conclusion and support of majority of contracts, moreover, the majority of contracts with participants of circum-customs market are already in place and acting on most profitable for us and so for you conditions.

We appreciate great importance of the preliminary work for the prompt customs-clearance. At the same time we understand your workload of basic production issues and in connection with that are ready to propose ad-hoc solutions such, for instance, integration into the customer’s structure by means of implant specialists, the way that works especially resultantly for customs-clearance of complicated technological facilities, in particular drilling rigs and components of industrial plants.

We do not seek a complication of processes, but are ready to propose complicated solutions if the processes seek them.

Please check the portfolio of our biggest works in the field of customs-clearance. In case of further interest, you can apply to the below contacts:

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