Ocean freight and ship management

The MIDGLEN Group of companies owns four vessels of different tonnage and characteristics, by means of which we perform regular cargo transportation in the region of Far East and South-East Asia (details in the chapter ‘Infrastructure’).

Our Maritime Safety Management System is certified on the compliance with the requirements of the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention. The vessels are going through regular technical maintenance, repair and docking. By results of these operations the vessels’ condition is surveyed by representatives of the national and international registers of shipping.

Beside this, we propose any services related to affreightment and ship management. Minimum list of such services includes the following:

  • Search and selection of any vessel at the freight market in accordance with the needs and requests of customers. We do not confine to conventional vessels and have an extensive experience in provision of highly-specialized fleet and complicated self-propelled and non self-propelled structures: dredgers, floating cranes, drilling rigs etc.
  • Contractual formalities and other juridical and brokering activities with the shipowners.
  • Obtaining of permission for cabotage (domestic voyages) of foreign ships in Russian waters.
  • Enrollment into Bareboat Charter Registry.
  • Flag registration. Change of the flag.
  • Crewing.
  • Technical management (maintenance, shipchandler services; procurement of spare parts, instruments and accessories, fuels and lubricants, other consumables; preparation for repair, repair management and quality control, technical inspection; budgeting, accounting and analysis of the running costs; provision of legal, navigation and reference documentation).
  • Operations management (scheduling, monitoring and fleet management; ship agency services and bunkering including offshore, management of complicated maritime operations — towage, offshore loadings, etc.).

Main goals and quality criteria for us in this field are keeping of the balance between customers’ inquiries and interests of shipowners, increase of ship operations’ efficiency including reduction of the ‘idling’ costs (unplanned demurrage, etc.) and the shipping safety.

Please check the portfolio of our biggest works in the field of maritime transportation and ship management. In case of further interest, you can apply to the below contacts:

  • Shipping service: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 123)
  • Service of Sales and Projects: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 143)
  • E-mail: sales@midglengroup.com
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