Freight-forwarding was one of our key activities and remains such at present.

We undertake all kind of transportation schemes — simple and complicated, unimodal and multimodal, with interim storage or without, of cargo standard and non-standard, hazardous and non-hazardous.

Our philosophy consists in the perception that delivery of cargo from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ is not the major and only monitor of success. The basic criterion of quality for us is ‘to deliver the cargo in a way the customer needs’, id est ‘to the point the customer wants, by the means the customer wants, and by the time the customer wants’. This is why our specialists are available for contact any day and any hour regardless time and custom differences.

It is likely that the most obligatory condition for the service quality is the firmly built and professional team. Our team is comprised of specialists in different areas of the transportation business, each of whom makes own input into search of the solutions, considering the assigned task from various, but certainly professional, points of view. As a result of such collective approach we always have several alternative solutions in reserve that we are ready to propose to the customer’s choice, or use in unforeseen situations when the main variant gets ‘out of order’.

Please check the portfolio of our biggest works in the field of freight-forwarding. In case of further interest, you can apply to the below contacts:

  • Multimodal transportation division: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 117)
  • Service of Sales and Projects: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 143)
  • E-mail:
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