History of the Company

MIDGLEN Logistics Sakhalin LLC (simply MIDGLEN or MLS as our clients and partners name us) was registered on February 15th, 2006 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a city in the Russian Far East. The primary staff of the company was comprised of several young vigorous people united by one common goal – to get secured at the Sakhalin market of services related to logistics and cargo transportation.

From the very start and what is, by our opinion, became a pathway to success, an emphasis was made on tailor-made approach avoiding stereotypes, inventiveness reinforced by the staff competence, and accuracy and punctuality at the same time. It let the company outstand from a raw of other companies proposing similar services on this highly competitive market. The dynamics of the company development entitles us to conclude that the chosen strategy was and is certain.

  • Close of 2006 – range of the rendered services includes freight-forwarding. Number of clients – 3. Number of employees – 2.
  • Beginning of 2007 – the range of services is supplemented with customs-clearance and accompanying services (arrangement of certification, obtaining of permitting documentation, etc.), vessel chartering and affreightment in accordance with the customer’s needs.
  • Close of 2007 – number of clients – 15, employees – 4.
  • Beginning of 2008 – the scope of services is amplified with sea freight by means of the own vessels. The shipping line ‘Vladivostok-Sakhalin-Kuril islands’ starts.
  • Close of 2008 – number of clients – 38, employees – 7.
  • Middle of 2009 – the services for Sakhalin oil and gas projects launch. The scope is replenished with hazardous waste management. Establishment of the material and production base in the port of Kholmsk.
  • Close of 2009 – number of clients – 43, employees – 12.
  • Beginning of 2010 – start of work for the Sakhalin-3 project. Involvement into elaboration of the logistics strategy. The range of services is extended with industrial procurement. Operational office setup in the port of Korsakov.
  • Close of 2010 – number of clients – 54, employees – 33.
  • 2011 – Subdivision setup in Moscow and Nogliki. Construction of the material and production base at the Nysh railway station and opening of the Nogliki base. Transportation, acceptance and handling of the materials and equipment for Sakhalin-3 project. Affreightment and logistics services for Sakhalin-1. The scope is supplemented with onshore support of ocean drilling.
  • Close of 2011 – number of clients – 60, employees – 79.
  • 2012 – the range of services is supplemented with agency services for ships and floating drilling units. Setup of the material and production base in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Building of the own fleet of motor transport and lifting equipment. Office setup in the port of Murmansk.
  • Close of 2012 – number of customers – 60, employees – 149.
  • 2013 – branch opening in Vladivostok and Ust-Kut.

Currently MIDGLEN represents a well-formed harmonious team of professionals in different fields of business, a highly efficient company with early turnover of a hundred million dollars and value of the production assets of 7 million dollars.

The aims of the company are further business development and increase of its’ competitiveness, creation of comfortable working and social environment for the employees, their relatives, partners and clients, participation in development of the Russian Far East as one of the most perspective world regions. Our idea consists in provision of a sophisticated service complex, integrated in the business and project processes of the customer, finely adjusted to his needs and demands and at the same time prepared for expedited mobilization of additional resources and elaboration of fresh solutions.

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