Operation of non-standard cargo transportation

30 April 2014

On April 19th the operation of non-standard cargo transportation has been conducted in the waters of the Kholmsk port. The cargo of protection structure was relocated from the pier of the Sakhalin Western Sea Port to the pier of the Kholmsk Sea Trade Port. Despite the short distance of the transportation (only about one kilometer), the complexity of the operation consisted in the dimensions of the structure: length 22 meters and height 10 meters, and in addition to that in the weight characteristics – 78 tons was the weight of the very structure, 90 tons – general weight of the cargo including the lifting beam.

For transportation of this kind a serious preparatory work was required. As an example, to enable loading of the structure, the special mounting pad was elaborated and assembled on the deck of the vessel which was originally narrower that the width of the cargo.

The loading and offloading of the cargo was conducted by the vessel’s cranes that worked ‘twinned’ e.g. performed all handling operations synchronously.

Owing to the well-coordinated work of the vessel’s crew, shore and port services the operations was completed impeccably. The protection structure is a part of the subsea production facility (SPF) and purposed for installation in the offshore well of Kirinskoye gas and condensate field.

The vessel which performed the transportation – motor ship Semen Dezhnev. This is a multipurpose vessel for transportation of diverse cargo including out-of-gauge, heavy-lift and dangerous. Vessels of this type are most frequently involved in the logistics execution of big industrial projects such as in this case for oil and gas industry.

Loading at Sakhalin Western Sea Port.


Discharge at Kholmsk Sea Trade Port.

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