Production and support base for Sakhalin-3 project

Period of execution: 2011–2012

Customer: Gazprom Dobycha Shelf LLC

Scope of work (services): provision of production base support including cargo handling, storage and transportation of equipment to the Onshore Production Facility of Kirinskoye GCF.

An ad-hoc project which included not only the services, but construction of the infrastructure for their rendering. Following the customer’s needs, the material and production base ‘Nysh’ was constructed from scratch. Subsequently this base served as a transshipment point for all cargo within the frames of the contract and out of them. Also, basing on existing facilities, a support base in Nogliki town was developped.

The operations were conducted in harsh climate conditions and in accordance with the strict construction schedule of the Onshore Production Facility of Kirinskoye GCF. All tasks set by the customer were duly fulfilled (see the customer’s reference).

Here was the wasteland

Launch of the terminal construction

The first consignment has arrived

At full capacity

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