Freight-forwarding of non-standard cargo for Gazprom Dobycha Shelf LLC

Period of execution: 2011–2013

Customer: Gazprom Dobycha Shelf LLC

Scope of work (services): freight-forwarding services

Within the frames of this project a unique transportation of equipment for construction of the Subsea Production System at Kirinskoye Gas and Condensate Field from Northern Europe and Great Britain to Sakhalin by Southern Sea Route via Suez Canal was executed.

The list of items for transportation united all ‘three nightmares of a freight-forwarder’ – out of gauge, super heavy and dangerous cargo.

Non-standard positions included X-tree systems weighing 52 tons each; protective structures each 74 tons heavy, 22 meters long and 10 meters high. The real professional challenge and template for self-evaluation of our activity for many years ahead was the transportation of six items of umbilical cable for the Subsea Production System weighing from 49 tons to 320 tons with the drum dimensions 12 by 6 meters.

The project was divided into several stages in accordance with the construction schedule and performed sequentially within three years. Shipping of the equipment was conducted in several ports, that is after charging in one port the vessel was relocated into the next one for another loading.

Due to specifics of the hydraulic construction the equipment had to be delivered to the place of installation (practically – offloading into the water) at sea sharply by the moment of this operation. That is why, beside direct delivery to the construction site aboard a single vessel, the strategy of the project considered that a certain part of the equipment would be stored in a transit port (in our case – the port of Busan, South Korea) till the moment when a shipment notice was received from the customer.

Thus, the umbilical drums were reloaded in the roadstead of Korsakov from the board of the project vessel to the barge that was towed to the roadstead of the Busan port from where after several months she was remobilized to the place of final discharge at the Sakhalin shelf by the customer’s request. All these multilink operations were within the scope of our responsibility.

A separate diligent work was conducted with regard to another critical items in the shipment – X-tree systems which included measuring devices with Cesium-137 sources. The preparations, that included obtaining of the permitting documents by the customer and coordination with the Far East customs authorities, allowed to minimize the risks and turn the process of the radioactive sources customs-clearance into a standard procedure, at that all legal requirements were fulfilled in corpore.

The additional intrigue into this as it is complicated transportation was carried on by the situation with piracy in the Gulf of Aden, for prevention of which a special anti-pirate team was put aboard the ship for the period of steering through the dangerous area.

As a result, in the end of the project three transcontinental transportations from Europe to Sakhalin, four transportations between South Korea and Sakhalin, a multitude of warehousing, customs and other concomitant operations in the ports of loading, offloading and transit have been conducted. In total approximately twenty eight thousands nautical miles were passed. More than one thousand and five hundred tons of the complicated cargo were moved.

Zero results in damage of the valuable cargo, time loss and schedule breaks, law violations and budget overshoot – the best criteria for appraisal of our activity in this challenging project.

Equipment in the hold of the project vessel in Norway

Floating crane delivers the umbilical drum to the shipboard

Umbilicals in the hold

Lashing of cargo

Loading the protective structure aboard

One out-of-gauge over another

Handling of the X-tree systems with radioactive sources

The radiation background is safe!

Transit storage at the port of Busan

Reloading of the equipment to the board of AHTS vessel

Reloading of the equipment to the board of AHTS vessel

Discharge of the barge in the roadstead of the Korsakov port

The tug and barge system with the umbilicals aboard

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