Provision of shorebase services for Gazflot LLC

Period of execution: from July 11th, 2011 to December 31th, 2011

Customer: Gazflot LLC

Scope of work (services): provision of complex services for support of Exploration well # 1 ‘Pervoocherednaya’ at the West-Kamchatkan shelf of the Kamchatka peninsula.

Basing on the production facilities of the Magadan port, the shorebase was set up for support of exploration drilling at the Kamchatkan shelf. The services included, as minimum: ship agency, port handling of vessels, ships supply (the scope of vessels consisted of a semi-submersible drilling rig, anchor handling tug supply vessels, crew boats), crew change services (coordination of crew and shift rotation, provision of accommodation, etc.), freight-forwarding (transportation of cargo and passengers), warehousing and storage, logistics of liquid and bulk materials, waste management including drilling mud, administrative services (office setup, etc.).

During the four and a half months of work the shorebase processed about twelve thousand tons of cargo that included 1 249 tons of bulk materials, 1 069 tons of drill pipes and pipe casing, 1 798 tons of equipment, 351 tons of chemicals and hazardous materials, 1 424 tons of drilling waste, 2 891 tons of fuel and oil, 2 940 tons of water, 30 tons of foodstuff. We handled 43 calls of cargo and passenger vessels. In spite of objective climatic and infrastructural obstacles the duty of uninterrupted support of the drilling operations has been discharged in full (see the customer’s reference).

Handling of drill pipes and pipe casing in the port of Magadan

The supply boat is on the berth

Working in the Far North conditions brought additional difficulties

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