Ship agency services for Gazflot LLC

Period of execution: from April 01, 2012 till April 30th, 2013

Customer: Gazflot LLC

Scope of work (services): ship agency of the Principal’s fleet

Within the frames of the contract the ship agency services were conducted for the floating equipment (ocean vessels and drilling rigs) of Gazflot LLC on the Sakhalin Island, such as: arrangement of ship entries and exits (resolution of customs, frontier, sanitary, quarantine and other formalities and measures; harbor pilotage, etc.), ships supply (procurement of food, fuel and oil, spare parts, instruments and other goods), documentation support (issuance of accompanying forms and confirming documents, disbursement accounts, obtaining of permits, etc.), redemption of fees and dues, waste management, coordination of crew and shift changes (meeting and deliveries, provision of accommodation, visa support), cargo and passenger transportation, repair, maintenance and many others.

By the results of the yearly operations 303 commissions of the Principal were executed, among them 84 for servicing SSDR ‘Polyarnaya Zvezda’ with displacement of 59260 tons, 71 for SSDR ‘Severnoye Siyaniye’ of 59260 tons, 2 for the rescue tug ‘Atlas’ of 1680 tons, 59 for the tug supply vessel ‘Neptun’ of 5685 tons, 62 – for the tug supply vessel ‘Saturn’ of 5602 tons, 16 – for the ice-breaking tug ‘Yuriy Topchev’ of 9672 tons, 5 – for the OSR vessel ‘Svetlomor-3’ of 2474 tons, 4 – for the fast crew boat ‘Pelican Venture’ of 364 tons.

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