The shipping line ‘Sakhalin – the Kuril Islands’

The Sakhalin Oblast – is the only region in Russia located wholly on islands. The issue of transport communication is especially crucial here, moreover, considering the climatic conditions of the region, additional requirements arise towards reliability and stability of this link. Let it be interrupted for a couple of months, and the inhabitants of the remote islands will run into in a real blockade. First of all it is associated with the limited food, commodities and energy resources. Aero-communication is undoubtedly the fastest mean of transport, but the less reliable at the same time. Just as another cyclone hangs over the island for several days, the cargoes collect dust at the airport in expectation of the flight resumption.

Besides, by virtue of its’ technical design the aircrafts are able to transport cargo of limited commodities, weights and dimensions.

In these circumstances the leading role in cargo transportation to the remote areas of the region is dedicated to the maritime transport. In the end of 2008 we made a number of first voyages to the Kuril Islands by in-house vessels. From 2011 the regular shipping line ‘Sakhalin – the Kuril Islands’ is operating, within which optional trips to Vladivostok are also performed.

During the last 3 and half years we delivered about fifty seven thousand tons of miscellaneous cargo – from boxes of canned food and containers of different tonnage to heavy machinery and pets, and made more than one hundred and sixty voyages.

We are proud that our company, along with few others, participates in support of the economic and transportation integrity of our region, its’ food security, contributes to implementation of the national projects related to the development of the Kuril Islands.

For your guidance the brief characteristics of the proposed services is given below:

  • The ocean freight is performed by the motor vessels ‘Vladimir Atlasov’, ‘Yerofei Khabarov’, ‘Sinekura-1’.
  • The voyages are made weekly (subject to the weather conditions), the ports of call – Korsakov, Kurilsk (the Iturup Island), Yuzhno-Kurilsk (the Kunashir Island), Malo-Kurilsk (the Shikotan Island). All handling operations are performed on berth, offshore loadings are not conducted subject to customer’s request.
  • For higher efficiency of our services we possess a fleet of 3-feet and 20-feet containers, and in case of stable demand are ready to purchase cargo equipment of other types necessary.

Beside the ocean freight, the most demanded services in the range of the shipping line ‘Sakhalin – the Kuril Islands’ include pre-carriage of the consignments to the ports of loading and their export from the ports of discharge to the points within the territory of the Sakhalin region as required by the customers. In combination with other services provided by the company, we are capable to elaborate a solution for practically every task related to movement of cargo to the Kuril Islands and vice-versa.

In case of interest in these services, you can apply to the below contacts:

  • Shipping service: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 123)
  • Service of Sales and Projects: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 143)
  • E-mail:
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