Project logistics and integrated services

Industrial project in the modern meaning is not only drawings and formulae on paper, but also the very process of their realization, complicated aggregate of immaterial (people, arrangements, etc.) and material (stuff, materials, equipment) resources that is used for achievement of a certain goal in a form of accomplished and faultlessly functioning technological object.

The logistics is one of the most compound important subprocesses in the project realization and can be relied to professionals only. Often, not that it contradicts the common characteristic of a project as a collective work of several participants under the general management of a prime contractor, the logistics component of the project is given to ‘one hand’, i.e. assigned to a qualified logistics operator with due reputation and sufficient resources.

In this case the logistics operator deeply integrates into the general project team, gets imbued with its’ daily and strategic needs and works as a part of the single mechanism. In other words, he ‘feels the project’ — and there is no other recipe of success, as the contractor who is excluded from the production process, can not sustain quality of his own product.

Practically from the moment of our creation we were involved into the project activity one way or other. Starting from unimodal transportation and a simple set of freight-forwarding services, eventually accumulating the experience and widening the range of our capabilities, we have come to the assurance that are able to undertake responsibility for the logistics of a whole project or its’ large components. This assurance is based on the knowledge and resources, material ones off course, but in the first instances indeed the invaluable human resources, comprised of the solid team of the professional likeminded people.

Making summary of all information stated on other pages of the web site, we are ready to propose to our customers the following integrated support of the production:

  1. Marine transportation and ship management.
  2. Freight-forwarding.
  3. Multimodal and unimodal transportation.
  4. Customs-clearance and customs logistics.
  5. Warehousing and material base services. Setup of support bases.
  6. Waste management.
  7. Construction services.
  8. Setup of working and living infrastructure.
  9. Procurement.
  10. Ship agency.
  11. 2PL, 3PL, 4 Pl services and Supply chain management.

All these in total or separate types of the mentioned profiles can be put in the service to your needs and included as reliable and efficient instruments into the structure of your production or project.

Please check the portfolio of our biggest works in the field of project logistics and integrated services. In case of further interest, you can apply to the below contacts:

  • Commercial director: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 150)
  • Service of Sales and Projects: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 143)
  • E-mail:
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