Motor transportation

We perform road transportation within Sakhalin and other regions of Far East, and, wherever it is rational, western parts of Russia, to the Sakhalin region and vice versa.

Presently we own more than 40 units of motor transport vehicles, mean age of which is 6 years and perpetually reducing due to the fleet renovation. Detailed characteristics of the equipment are given in the chapter ‘Infrastructure’.

Our internal requirements for the management of the trucking fleet can be expressed in one word: readiness. We strive that our equipment is ready for mobilization in shortest time after the order. Beside the technical side of the process, for achievement of this goal due attention is paid to fulfillment of the legal requirements — we have valid and regularly updated permits for transportation of out-of-gauge and heavy-weight cargo, when necessary dangerous cargo transportation clearance is obtained.

On the contrary to, for instances, freight-forwarding, a success of motor transport business is made up of quite simple values: sharpness, accuracy and safety. However, in spite of this simplicity of content, many complex processes demanding serious management and execution, such as technical maintenance and repair, are left behind the scenes.

Possessing own production facilities, we are able to control most of these processes, their quality and order. Moreover, we rely on cooperation with authorized centers and official representatives of the manufacturers only. We do not save on costs of spare parts and consumables. Due to the mentioned reasons, a failure probability of our equipment is quite low. Safety of transportation is undoubted priority. Our equipment regularly goes through both internal audits and audits of customers, as well as state technical inspections. The journey routes and regimes are carefully planned with consideration of health and safety requirements, seasons and cargo characteristics.

In case of unfavorable road conditions, as well as presence of dangerous environmental factors additional outfit is used to reduce the risk of accident (snow chains, flame arrestors, etc.). All vehicles and self-propelled machinery of the company is equipped with satellite navigation and monitoring system that allows to trace their movement and conditions in real time at any point.

Much attention is given to individual training of drivers, in particular, upgrade of their professional level and qualification. Our drivers regularly undergo programs of additional education, for example, in the field of road transportation of dangerous cargo, safe driving and other aspects of occupational health and safety.

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