Special Equipment

Mobile steam generating unit PPU 1600/100 on Kamaz truck chassis, steam productivity 1600 kg/h – 1 ea

Serves for dewaxing of wellbottom zones, pipelines, vessels, x-trees and other oilfield equipment by saturated vapor of high pressure.

Oilfield tanker UST54533К on Kamaz 6x6 truck chassis 2013 y.m., capacity 11 cdm – 1 ea

Purposed for recovery of spilled oil, gas liquid, oil products and non-aggressive technological liquids, and for their transportation to the places of disposal and recycling.

Well acidizing unit SIN-32 on Kamaz 6x6 truck chassis 2013 y. m., tank capacity 5,5 cbm — 1 ea

Purposed for transportation and injection of inhibited solutions of hydrochloric acid up to 35%, mud acids (HF concentration up to 5%, HCL up to 24%), KSPO-2, and alkaline and saline solutions.

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