Warehousing and material base services

Perhaps, there is no need to persuade that material and technical support is very important for production operations. No materials — and the construction idles. At the same time, when some remote and hard-to-reach project is carried out, what is a usual practice for several lines of industry, for example, oil and gas sector, as a rule a possibility of direct delivery of materials and equipment from the vendor to the buyer is missing.

Moreover, in some cases, such as ocean drilling and production of hydrocarbons at rigs, there is no opportunity for accumulation of these resources at the production facility, that is why the procurement is performed according to ‘from-the-wheels’ and ‘just-in-time’ principles. Due to these reasons, the demand for setup of some intermediary warehouse facilities, where the resources can rest till the moment of mobilization for integration into the constructed object, has arisen. Besides, materials and equipment require certain maintenance: assortment, picking, repair, calibration, packing, labeling, inspection, inventorying, etc., so in practice the profile of such facilities is not limited by the storage, and includes a mass of related and auxiliary operations aiming support of the main production activities.

Therefore, with the lapse of time the facilities were identified as ‘material bases’ or ‘support bases’. As a rule, bases for support of marine operations are located in sea ports or in close proximity and, in addition, rendering services related to the port calls (ship agency, bunkering, etc.), ship waste management (collection and transportation of waste, tank cleaning, etc.).

We have both experience and technical capacities for warehousing and support base services. Our production facilities, including warehouses and accompanying infrastructure, are located in immediate vicinity to the logistically important points: sea ports, airports, customs offices and development areas of the Sakhalin largest oil and gas projects. Their characteristics can be viewed at ‘Infrastructure’ chapter.

Range of the services rendered includes but not limited by:

  • Storage of materials and equipment
  • Warehousing: loading, unloading, reloading, packing, re-packing, sorting, labeling, etc.
  • Picking: determination of demand, selection of vendors, delivery, acceptance and inspection, assembling and installation, repair, dispatch planning, batching, others
  • Waste management including hazardous
  • Management of bulk materials including blending (‘Bulk’ system)
  • Management of liquid materials including hazardous (pumping in and out of tanks, transpumping, etc.)
  • Ship services: ship agency, bunkering in ports and offshore, tank cleaning and other
  • Documentary and physical accounting of materials and equipment in accordance with the industrial standards and customer’s requirements.

Please check the portfolio of our biggest works in the field of warehousing and material base services. In case of further interest, you can apply to the below contacts:

  • Service of bases and warehouses: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 116)
  • Service of Sales and Projects: (4242) 45-20-80 (ext. 143)
  • E-mail: sales@midglengroup.com
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